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Welcome to the Barnyard and Coop Auctions! For all our patrons comfort, understanding and enjoyment we thought it would be a great idea to share our policies and procedures with you. As always we welcome any and all questions, concerns, or comments.

For the Barnyard Auction:

*Check in for our Friday Night Consignment/ Animal Auction will start at 5:00 pm.

             NO early check ins.
*Consignment/Farm Auction will start at 6:00pm

*Animals ONLY Auction will start at 7:00pm

*Animal items ONLY Auction will start after ALL animals have been sold  (Animal Items examples....feeders, cages, waterers, coops, hutches, fencing, horse tack, etc...)


For the Coop Auction:

*Check in for our Sunday Afternoon Auction will start at 10:30 am.

             NO early check ins.

*Auction starts at 2:00 pm.




*We ask NO ONE enter the property any earlier than set times above for the safety of all our patrons.
*We welcome all ages to our Auctions but for safety and comfort of everyone we ask parents to keep their children
with them at all times.

*Please for safety, DO NOT allow children to roam or play in the parking lots at anytime.
*We accept Cash, Check, Visa, and Mastercard  (3% bank fee will be added to the total on card purchases).

*Return fee on Checks $30.00 ( checks payable to Dail Stephenson).

*A 10% Buyers Fee will be added to the total purchase price of any and all items purchased.

*All sales are final. Any and all guarantees are strictly between the Buyer and Seller.

*The Barnyard/Coop DOES NOT guarantee ANY item or animal that is sold.

*The Barnyard/Coop or any of the Staff shall not be held responsible or liable for any item bought or sold.

* If a guarantee is offered by the seller for any item or animal the sellers contact information will be provided to purchasing customer only.
*We call the animals and items sold for what we are told they are. ( Please use your best judgement on ALL purchases.)

*Animal purchases are sold times the animal in the box/cage unless otherwise stated.

          ( Example. If your bid is $5.00 and there is 3(three) animals in the box….you pay 3 x $5.00 = total of $15.00.)

*It is the responsibility of the Consignor/Seller to check in with the cashier to receive a number.

*The order in which items are sold is determined by the arrival of said Seller/Consignor.

*ANY and ALL UNSOLD items are required to be removed by the Seller immediately.

*Any items/animals left after the Auction will become the property of the Auction UNLESS other arrangements

         have been made directly with the staff.

*Any unwanted/unsold items (TRASH) that has been left after the Auction for the Staff to dispose of will be subject to a minimum Disposal Fee of $10.00 per item to be charged to the Seller/Consignor who has left the unwanted items. This fee will be required to be paid BEFORE the Seller/Consignor will be allowed to sell at another Auction.
*Only Healthy Animals will be allowed to be on Auction Property.

*Any Sick or Unhealthy Animal will be REQUIRED to be removed from the Auction Property Immediately Upon Notification to the Seller.

*The Barnyard/Coop reserves the right to REFUSE Any Animal that appears to be Sick or Unhealthy at the sole discretion of The Barnyard/Coop and it’s Staff.

*For our Small Animal Auction each Seller/Consignor will sell their animals/items in the box or cage they arrive in.

*We will charge a $1.50 re boxing fee per box used for items/animals that has to be transferred from one box/cage to another.

*For items/animals that are too large for our standard boxes a fee of $10.00 will be charge for our extra large cage.

*The Barnyard/Coop Auction or Staff are not responsible for any Cage/Crate NOT sold with the Animal.
*All Equines must arrive with a current Negative Coggins. No testing available on site.

*All Pigs, Goats, and Sheep must have a North Carolina ear tag. A fee of $2.00 will be charge for each ear tag provided.


          Consignor/Seller Fees:

*The Auction charges a flat commission fee of 20% for each item/animal that is sold.

*A 10% Buyers Fee will be added to the total purchase price of any and all items bought.

*This includes any and all sales that are conducted on the property of Auction. Once items/animals have been

              consigned to be sold by the Auction they CAN NOT be removed from the sale unless for health reasons.

              If the animal or item is sold AFTER it has gone through the Auction the seller is responsible for

              paying the 20% commission fee.

*NO outside SELLING without prior authorization from The Barnyard/Coop.

          Reserves/No Sale/Buy Back fees:

*The Auction will charge a $1.00 No Sale for items/animals that do not sell for the reserve that has been set at $20.00

             or under. For items/animals with a reserve price above $20.01 will be charged a fee of 5%of the set reserve. ( Example: Reserve is $15.00 fee will be $1.00. Reserve is set at $50.00 the fee will be 5% of $50.00 which = $2.50.)


Thanks to all of our customers and patrons for your support.  



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Estate Auction of the Late David Carroll

Saturday, July 14th @ 10:00 AM 


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Auction Location

2885 NC 42  

Willow Spring, NC 27592







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